Preparing Organizations for the Future

Ikiru is where AI, Design, Systems Thinking, and Science intersect to overcome the most difficult institutional challenges. We apply cutting edge research in collaboration with Universities, Research Labs and AI Institutes to solve the most urgent problems Global Organizations face.

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How we help Global Leaders

Vision & Discovery

We first work with your directors and executive team to map all the problems, assets and data in order to explore specific opportunities in AI and cutting edge research.

Roadmap & Research

We develop a world class team of researchers, AI experts, engineers and designers through our fellowship network to quantitatively explore and validate solutions in symphony with the overall vision.

Solution Co-Creation

The goal is to implement actionable processes and leverage AI and the latest research in order to implement them. We co-create products to solve your most important problems.

Case Studies

Compass - An AI Powered Virtual Advocate for Refugees

The refugee crisis has come to be a crucible for global politics. With climate change and political instability on the rise it is expected that mass population displacement will continue to be one of the most pressing issues in the 21st century. In collaboration with the United Nations Refugee Agency, Compass was developed to simplify the Asylum seeking process and to its empower its users in an unprecedented way using AI. In the future, Compass will be powerful enough to predict world wide migration patterns months and years in advance in order to help governments to adequetly prepare for an influx in immigration.

Aria - Bringing Technology, Design and AI to Mental Health.

Happiness, stress and mental health are central issues in the 21st century. Despite the advances in technology and healthcare, stress and stress related diseases are on the rise. According to The World Health Organization (WHO) ~30% of the population suffers from mental health issues and 35-50% in developed countries donโ€™t seek professional help. Aria was created in collaboration with Psychologists, Universities, Clinics and Data Scientists to digitize and centralize all CBT exercises such that it allow therapists to track their clients mental states throughout their therapy and beyond. The vision of Aria is to create a universal Avatar that anyone can interact with to monitor and strengthen their mental health. This avatar will be in schools, government, the workplace to ensure society as a whole is resilient and purposeful.

Lab12 - Talent Incubator for AI Engineers, Developers and Social Entrepreneurs

There will be 218,000 tech jobs created by 2020 and only third of those jobs will be filled. Lab12 was developed in partnership with Google Android Jams, Shopify and local startup communities to help fill this gap by making tech accessible to to groups who are generally underrespresented in tech such as women, visible minorities and people of lower socioeconomic backgrounds. It helps people develop the technical skills, mindset and network to build a career that they love, doing work that matters. Students have gone off to become data scientists, designers, entrepreneurs, coders and much more, getting jobs at companies such GM, Ford, Deloitte, Autodesk and Palantir. Lab12 is positioning to expand its operations to Brazil and across Canada.

Our extensive partner

Our approach is deceptively simple. We work with existing organizations and associations who possess a deep silo of expertise in a given industry. We explore the most pressing problems that they face as an organization and we apply design thinking, artificial intelligence and engineering to specific problems. We co-create solutions in the form of products that they use to affect fundamental and ultimately fruitful organizational changes. We possess a deep network of top research labs, data scientists, design firms and engineers to tackle the most complex problems.

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